Kindle Paperwhite (2018)

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Last year I started to take more time for myself. With me doing that, I went back into reading. I love reading paper books, but I could never get the lighting right when I wanted to read in bed. Along with the light, I found it hard to get comfy while holding the book. That is when I started debating about leaping into the e-book Kindle world.

Many people think if you have an iPad, why not use that to read? Well, for one, when I see notifications appear, my thing is I have to check it out or take care of it. So I start looking into other things and go into a rabbit hole when I do that. I have heard about kindles, but I never really thought about one. But the idea of not getting notifications and just being swept up into the book sounded great.

So I started watching and reading people's reviews on the Kindle to try and decide which one to get. So I had my choices of Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Oasis. I took off the Kindle right away due to its build from what I saw and read from the reviews. The Kindle did not have a flush front like the higher models, and the screen was not as good as the Paperwhite and Oasis. I liked the specs that the Kindle Paperwhite and Oasis had. The price of the Oasis is at is a little bit too insane. The warm light and how the feel/look of it looked great. But I couldn't justify spending that money on a few good features the Paperwhite didn't have.

The Kindle Paperwhite had everything I was looking for in an e-reader. And to be honest, the look and feel of it isn't so bad. It easily fits in my purse when I want to take it with me and is like the size of a small book. The other benefit is the light it gives out. However, the light isn't bad at all. When you are reading on Paperwhite, it looks like an actual page of a book, so you don't have to worry about blue light before going to bed.

Now I know you can get an iPad mini, but the price difference between the two is a good chunk of money. Also, the screen the iPad has would be too much for me before I go to bed. Since I am trying to close my mind and get ready for sleep, I don't need the extra light. Plus, even with the mini, the size is just too big. But, on the other hand, the iPad would have one benefit: the different ways people could get a book. 

For me getting the digital version from Amazon is no problem. I can get more money off by having my shipments come in slow to me. And every month, you can get a brand new book for free. And the e-books they have are priced very well, so that means you can get more books to read for less money.

Now my version of the Paperwhite is the 2018 version. They just released a new version of the Paperwhite with two different levels. So if you are thinking of getting the Kindle Paperwhite, I highly recommend doing your research on which one you would like.

Do you read on a tablet or e-reader?? Which one do you like? Let us know in the comments.

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