'Chasing Stars' Chapter Four Snippet

in , , by Lisa Christensen, January 23, 2022

On Friday, we talked about how people need to read the Lucifer FanFiction called Chasing Stars by CaliWonders. If you missed that post, you could read that here. I am so happy to say that today is Sunday, which means tomorrow is a brand new chapter of this story.  Really that's the only thing that makes me excited for Monday!

If you are as excited to see what this next chapter will bring, I have below a snippet that she has released for her fans! Take a read of the snippet below.

Reading this really makes me want that chapter now. What are your thoughts about this snippet? Are you guys enjoying this story?

And remember, you can follow CaliWonders on Twitter and subscribe to her on AO3 to make sure you stay up to date on all of her stories.

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